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enchant.js, the open source HTML5/JavaScript game engine from Japan, returns this year, bringing with it more features, more English resources, and more awesome. Newly updated with WebGL, multiplayer, and 3D model suppor. Come see why game development isn't just for Comp Sci majors anymore.


What we offer

enchant.js is an open source framework for developing games and applications in HTML5 + JavaScript. Designed to make it easy for those new to programming to create games, or just make the whole process simpler for those who already code, the library has had over 1,000 games and applications published since its release in 2011.

Main features of enchant.js include running practically anywhere with a modern browser, animation support, hybrid drawing on the Canvas or the DOM, and even supporting 3D games with a WebGL plugin!

Come check out what others have made using enchant.js at our booth or online at, read about the library and view tutorials on our site (, or follow us on twitter (@enchantjs_en) for the latest updates on new features of enchant.js!

What we are looking for

enchant.js is for everyone, from those new to programming to those who have been creating games for years. It's a simple, yet revolutionary solution for those who want to create games and publish them to the world.

Game design and programming has traditionally been viewed as a field accessible only to those with previously established knowledge of coding. Our goal with enchant.js is to lower the level of entry to the world of game creation (or simplify it, for those who already program), to foster creativity through education, and to support an ever-growing network of game creators from all walks of life.


  • Middleware, Game Engines
  • Smartphone Game Market
  • Tablet Game Market
  • Web Browser Game Market

Main Contact

Satomi Imai

Brandon McInnis

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