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Sandboxr is a bridge between 3D digital design, 3D printing technology and the everyman. The web and mobile apps provide a powerful 3D manipulation interface, designed to allow anyone of any age to have a truly customized product experience. It is the ultimate playground for artists, game developers and end users alike.

Customize. Print. Own.

What we offer

Sandboxr is the ultimate merchandising platform.

Existing 3D content, including rigs, animations and deformations integrate seamlessly into Sandboxr’s secure, proprietary system.

End users interact with characters by purchasing assets from a vast library of crowd-sourced content. Consumers can intuitively manipulate, style, mix and morph until their product is ready for the 3D printing stage, custom printed at Sandboxr. Sandboxr provides a more meaningful, custom experience where the end user has control over facial expressions, posing, color etc.

The Sandboxr software eliminates countless hours usually needed to ready each product for printing.

What we are looking for

Sandboxr is partnering with 3D artists, 3D game developers / publishers and 3D toy designers globally. If you own completed 3D artwork and characters, then you are ready to partner with us.

Whether a major brand or an up and coming artist, a Sandboxr storefront is custom and scalable. Sandboxr values each artist and brand's intellectual property and offers various customization levels and license options controlled by the artist/brand.

The Sandboxr merchandising system is a new, powerful way to connect to your fan base, making it possible for virtually anyone to have access to fully customized 3D printed product.

Only Sandboxr can give your audience a truly customizable product experience.


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Main Contact

Rebecca Lee

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