Inertial Sensors for Motion Capture

We take Mocap out of the studio and into real life. Our Mocap systems start at under $4,000 and includes the YEI 3-Space Mocap Studio Open Source Software.

Motion-capture without wires, cameras, or special studios

What we offer

Utilizing the accuracy and rapid response time of the YEI 3-Space Sensor Wireless IMU, users are able to create lifelike animations without having to worry about line of sight with cameras, restricting actors with cords, or restricting actors to a controlled capture environment. For those that have highly specialized capture requirements, the YEI 3-Space Sensors are very easy to attach in a variety of ways and feature an open communication protocol for those that require custom technology.

What we are looking for

We are looking for customers who have a need for motion capture capabilities that can take them out of the specialized studios with actors in real-life situations.


  • Other (Please Specify) Game Development

Main Contact

Amy Shropshire

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