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Endgame Studios is the maker of indie 3DS platform game Fractured Soul. Too big to fit on just one screen, Fractured Soul is a dual screen platform game that has received over 40 reviews scoring 80% or higher.

Innovative platform game multi-sku and multi-region.

What we offer

Fractured Soul is an innovative platform game too big to fit on just one screen. Played across both screens of the 3DS, and available only on eShop right now, Fractured Soul has received over 40 reviews of 80% or higher.

This year Fractured Soul is expanding to other devices, platforms, and markets - potentially PC, XBLA, Wii-U eShop, PSN, and/or Android devices.

What we are looking for

Endgame is looking for business partners to help us take Fractured Soul into new markets and new platforms.

Specifically, we're looking for a publishing/distribution partner that has the capability to publish/distribute games on PC, XBLA, Wii-U, and/or PSN, and has the capacity to market an innovative, hardcore platform game.

If this sounds like your company, please arrange a meeting with us at GDC.


  • Downloadable Game Market (XBLA, PSN, WiiWare)
  • Handheld Console Market

Main Contact

Grant Davies

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