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Big Bite Games is showcasing Soccorama - the first 3D Synchronous Multiplayer Football Game on Facebook and Zynga.com! The game features a unique mix between manager and fast-paced arcade gameplay. Press, potential partners and fans are welcome to swing by to meet the devs and try the game!

Soccorama - 3D Synchronous Multiplayer Football in your Browser!

What we offer

Soccorama is the first 3D Synchronous Multiplayer Football Game on Facebook and Zynga.com.

Soccorama is heavily inspired by arcade games such as Kickoff and Sensible Soccer and features fast-paced arcade gameplay, where gamers can play online against 1-to-19 opponents in the same match. Its unique manager side allows players to unfold their creativity by customizing the footballers’ appearance and influence match gameplay by tweaking their individual stats, creating custom formations and set pieces, as well as buying a variety of boost items.

Swing by our kiosk to try the game for yourself and have a chat with the devs!

What we are looking for

We're at GDC Play to showcase Soccorama.

We're looking for:
- Potential investors
- Press: Interviews and/or reviews
- Mobile publishers who are interested in Soccorama for iOS and Android
- Web portals that are interested in Soccorama
- Console/PC/Mac publishers interested in Soccorama
- IP holders who are interested in building a cross-platform synchronous multiplayer using our technology
- Fans! :)


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Main Contact

Sebastian Warnez

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