Testing Localization & Support

VMC Game Labs provides flexible and scalable services to ensure quality throughout the lifecycle of client titles. With customized solutions for testing, localization, and support, we leverage expertise, effective project management, proven best practices and global resources, to partner with publishers and developers across platforms, including consoles, PCs, and mobile.

VMC Game Labs - The world's leading Games QA and Support company

What we offer

VMC Game Labs is a leading partner for games publishers and developers around the world.
Quality Assurance
Platform & Mobile Services
Game Porting
Live Games Operation
Community Relations
Redmond, WA - United States
Montreal, QC - Canada
Slough, Berkshire - United Kingdom

What we are looking for

We work with developers and publishers to leverage our expertise in mobile services, hardware and software engineering, customer care solutions and infrastructure support to deliver exceptional results across the lifecycle of your game.

Get a better game to market, faster, with VMC Game Labs.


  • Console Game Market
  • Downloadable Game Market (XBLA, PSN, WiiWare)
  • Game Outsourcing
  • Handheld Console Market
  • PC/Mac Downloadable Market
  • Smartphone Game Market
  • Social Network Game Market
  • Tablet Game Market
  • Web Browser Game Market
  • Web-based MMO Market

Main Contact

Kevin Chelius

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