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Seattle-based Meteor Entertainment is the publisher of the free-to-play mech FPS, HAWKEN, from development studio, Adhesive Games. Check out to register and play for free online!

Meteor Entertainment

What we offer

Succeeding at free-to-play requires a new design paradigm, a new marketing approach, and a new relationship between developers and customers that has more to do with internet commerce than the traditional games business. Meteor has assembled a team to address the business implications of the free-to-play models in core gaming. Meteor’s purpose is built around the entire business life-cycle of free-to-play core games and focused on the ways these games differ markedly from existing packaged goods models. Particular attention will be paid to production, infrastructure, team organization, distribution and marketing, virtual goods merchandising and sales, and revenue recognition.
Meteor’s proprietary platform provides it with complete control of remote computing resources on globally distributed, enterprise grade environments. It reduces the time to boot server instances, allowing Meteor to dynamically scale capacity, both up and down, as server requirements change. Meteor’s platform changes the economics of free-to-play computing by paying only for capacity that it actually uses.

Main Contact

Danielle Davis

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