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Quixel, creators of nDo and dDo, make game changing tools for game and film artists. Having proven to bring turnaround down from months to minutes, Quixel tools are rapidly becoming the industry standard for normal mapping and automatic texturing solutions, enabling teams to push their art to unprecedented levels, instantly.

dDo and nDo: game changers in game art

What we offer

Quixel are experts in tool development for artists, offering solutions for automating and improving texturing and normal mapping pipelines.

dDo is an art tool for automating texturing, straight in Photoshop. Production times can be virtually eliminated, and previously unachievable quality becomes the new standard. Environments, weapons, characters – anything becomes automatable and automatically consistent.

nDo brings advanced normal map creation to Photoshop, allowing artists to skip cumbersome 3D detours and rendering times when building normal maps.

The tools provide a cheap and surefire way of saving enormous amounts of time in production. All tools are fully integrated into the standard Photoshop workflow and enable quality and control far surpassing competition.

What we are looking for

We are looking for cross-promotional opportunities with studios looking to push art production pipelines and/or showcase proprietary rendering technologies, utilizing current and upcoming Quixel tools.


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Main Contact

Teddy Bergsman

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