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Fugazo Inc., based in Seattle, Washington, is an independently owned game developer. Fugazo’s portfolio includes popular franchises such as Cooking Academy & World Mosaics. Fugazo reaches millions of game players worldwide through multiple distribution channels including iOS, Android, Facebook, PC, Mac, WiiWare, & Retail.

Fugazo, Inc. looking for smartphone game publisher

What we offer

Fugazo, Inc. has been independently developing games for over 5 years. Our titles have been released on a variety of platforms including iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Facebook, and WiiWare. Since 2007 since we have developed over 20 games including the award winning Cooking Academy & World Mosaics series.

Fugazo's expertise in game development makes us an ideal choice for any publisher.

What we are looking for

Fugazo, Inc. is looking to partner with a smartphone publisher for the two game listed below.

Bomb Buds are a race of flower creatures that shoot weapons out of their heads! Select a Bomb Bud then battle against a friend via Facebook or Email to do battle in this asynchronous physics shooter game. Select from a variety of weapons such as the Thistle Missile, Nut Grenade, or Seed Strike. Or use the Coin Sprout or Bomb Bud Seed to gain a tactical advantage in the next round.

Ocean Paradise is the app for people who have always wanted to own beautiful marine aquariums but don't have the money or time to actually create them. Buy fish, rocks, invertebrates, plants, reef life, and more. Feed your fish to level them up and earn more money. Buy items to make your fish happy. Experiment with the friendship cove to discover rare fish and other items.


  • Distribution Platforms: App Store (Mobile)

Main Contact

Andrew Lum

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