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GamePoint is celebrating it's 15th year in the games industry in 2013: We've grown from a local Dutch gaming site to a global social synchronous multiplayer gaming powerhouse with numerous websites, games running on partner sites like Amazon,, etc and with a number of highly successful applications on Facebook.

Realtime Multiplayer Social Games for the Masses

What we offer

GamePoint has a decade and a half of experience in building synchronous multiplayer games. Our suite of games spans from globally enjoyed board games to local cardgames, always staying with games that have an inherent social quality. By adding GamePoint's common layer of social features, which include chat, buddylists and a persistent virtual currency balance across all our games, GamePoint games are highly engaging, boasting an average time spent per session of 130 minutes. Customer lifetime isn't measured in days or even months, but in years.

What we are looking for

GamePoint games can be played on our own website, social networks, mobile and tablet and on partner websites. Companies like Amazon and AOL carry GamePoint synchronous multiplayer games on their websites as our games offer unrivaled levels of engagement and monetization. By offering fully integrated solutions, users stay within your online environment while they are still able to play and connect to our hundreds of thousands of online players. Are you interested in the stickiest content gaming has to offer? Drop us an email and we'll have a chat!


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Main Contact

Rik Haandrikman

Ivo Lindhout

Amon Endt

Tim Hoefnagel

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