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We are a mobile development and design studio based in New York, Berlin and Melbourne. We are specialists in augmented reality and location-based experiences. We work for major brands, such as Hasbro, Sesame Street, Wrigley and more. This year at GDC we are unveiling our revolutionary new game, Market Garden.

Market Garden: a location-based, augmented reality experience

What we offer

Market Garden is the mind-blowing new game from mobile studio Two Bulls. It's an innovative experience that blends a fun gaming environment with the real world by using location-based technology and augmented reality magic.

This casual game is easy for anyone to pick up and play, combining an innovative mix of
❀ strategy and casual game mechanics
❀ entertaining stories with quirky characters
❀ and fun mini-games

Two Bulls can provide major brands or screen producers with the expertise to bring their properties to market. Our approach fully leverages the capabilities of mobile devices and our product is designed for success on the major app stores.

Let us take a fresh look at your brand or screen property and design a unique solution from the mobile perspective.

What we are looking for

Two Bulls is looking for members of the media interested in location-based gaming or augmented reality technology. Market Garden is a fascinating blend of these technologies and demonstrates the incredible power of mobile devices.

Two Bulls is also looking for brand partners who are interested in leveraging our experience in developing games for mobile devices. We are looking for well-known existing properties (particularly television or film) that we can repackage in an innovative mobile gaming environment. We have extensive experience working with major brands, such as Sesame Street, to bring their properties to mobile.


  • Distribution Platforms: App Store (Mobile)
  • Game Media
  • Smartphone Game Market

Main Contact

James Kane

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