Mobile Software Development

Three #1 paid apps on iOS in over 50 countries and 30 million users worldwide. Littlebox is the collaboration of three extremely successful indie developers coming together.

Little Box - Mobile Software Developers - Social Gaming Specialty

What we offer

The developers at Little Box Apps are responsible for multiple #1 Paid Applications on the iPhone (in over 50 countries), and have seen over 30 million users across their apps. These apps include Geared, Geared 2, Puzzling Penguins, Puzzling Penguins 2, Spaceballs, Ugly Meter, and Ugly
Meter Pro.

Our apps have been featured on G4TV, CNN, FOX, NBC and Howard Stern, as well as on many online review sites such as Touch Arcade. Our apps have a strong presence in the US, UK and Chinese markets.

Our capabilities include development on all platforms including mobile, PC, and console.

What we are looking for

Little Box is interested in meeting with publishers, investors, and developers who can work with us to develop our global brand and increase our user base of 30 million significantly while optimizing revenue.


  • Console Game Market
  • Distribution Platforms: App Store (Mobile)
  • Distribution Platforms: App Store (Other)
  • Downloadable Game Market (XBLA, PSN, WiiWare)
  • Game Academia
  • Game Funding/VC
  • Game Legal
  • Game Marketing/PR
  • Game Media
  • Game Outsourcing
  • Game Recruitment
  • Handheld Console Market
  • Middleware, Game Engines
  • Middleware, Monetizaton Platforms
  • Middleware, Tools
  • PC/Mac Downloadable Market
  • Smartphone Game Market
  • Social Network Game Market
  • Tablet Game Market
  • Web Browser Game Market
  • Web-based MMO Market

Main Contact

Jo Overline

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