Offering degrees in Game Design and Game Programming, Columbia College Chicago’s Interactive Arts and Media Department provides contextual understanding and competence in this distinctive discipline. Students learn to develop games in collaborative environments and establish an understanding of game aesthetics, theory, and culture that informs their work and encourages originality.

Interactive Arts and Media Department, Columbia College Chicago

What we offer

The Interactive Arts and Media Department prepares students to create interactive art, media, soundworks and games that are innovative and compelling.

Expert faculty and strong alliances with local and national industry partners ensure that our students emerge with a robust digital skillset anchored by hands-on, team-based experiences. State-of-the-art facilities like our motion capture studio, fabrication lab, and audio production suite give unrivaled access to industry standard tools that help students fully realize creative projects. Through close interaction with faculty, students gain more than technical skills—they learn how to learn so that upon graduation, they are prepared to keep pace with the rapid changes of an ever-shifting technological landscape.

With opportunities to interact with visiting artists and industry leaders, attend national conferences, intern at leading companies and work up close on real-world projects, IAM students acquire a rich and comprehensive education. Through Columbia College Chicago’s vibrant urban and diverse setting, IAM students receive many opportunities to create and exhibit culturally impactful projects throughout their college experience.

Degrees offered:
Interactive Arts & Media Major (B.A.)
Game Design Major (B.A.)
Game Programming Major (B.A., B.S.)
Mobile Media Programming Major (B.A.)

What we are looking for

The Interactive Arts and Media department at Columbia College Chicago continually seeks out new partnerships with industry leaders in the fields of game design and interactive media. Through visiting lectures, advisory panels, portfolio reviews, internships, and industry events, students have the opportunity to interact with industry leaders to advance their careers and create change in their communities.


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Main Contact

Philip Nadasdy

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