Middleware to make developers jobs easier

RAD Game Tools, developer of the ubiquitous Bink video codec, will be at GDC 2013 to show how our tools make your job easier! Our tools include Bink, the Miles Sound System, Granny 3D Animation Toolkit, Telemetry Performance Visualizer, Iggy UI, Oodle File I/O and data compression, and the awesome new Bink2 codec!

RAD Game Tools offers middleware solutions that make game developer's jobs easier!

What we offer

Here at RAD, we make video game development tools. In fact, at least one of our products is built into almost every video game made today. To date, we've appeared in more than 15,500 games!

Game developers like our products for a couple reasons. First off, they are designed specifically for them - we aren't just repurposing technology designed for some other market. Secondly, our developers are the ones doing the actual technical support and documentation. When you need help, you talk to the right people. Finally, our licensing is the easiest in the industry - simple agreements and flat fees.

We currently have six main tools: Bink Video and Bink 2 Video, Iggy Game UI, the Telemetry Profiling System, the Miles Sound System, Granny 3D and Oodle File I/O and data compression. Each of these tools solve a different problem for game developers.

What we are looking for

We're looking for game developers who want to make their jobs easier. We offer great tools, awesome support, flat fees and some of the simplest middleware agreements you'll see. Stop by booth 1234 and see a demo of our tools--you'll be glad you did!


  • Console Game Market
  • Handheld Console Market
  • Middleware, Game Engines
  • Middleware, Tools
  • PC/Mac Downloadable Market
  • Smartphone Game Market
  • Social Network Game Market
  • Tablet Game Market
  • Web-based MMO Market

Main Contact

Mitch Soule

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