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Tandent’s Lightbrush technology is transforming the way artists manipulate and use real world imagery to create game content by offering a totally new paradigm for image editing. Lightbrush generates reflectance and illumination maps from a single image, allowing artists to independently manipulate the surface colors and lighting of real-world imagery.

Lightbrush - Image Editing in a Whole New Light

What we offer

Lightbrush allows artists to capture texture maps from real images and to perform complex image manipulations with unprecedented ease. The reflectance map provides an illumination-free version of the texture which is appropriate for skinning on 3D models. Capturing textures from real-world environments can involve waiting for just the right diffuse light, providing expensive artificial lighting, or spending hours dodging and burning images in post production. With Lightbrush, texture artists can quickly remove all illumination variation from an image, making fast, physically-based content creation a reality. Shadows can be relit or brightened and shadow boundaries can be softened or redrawn. Surfaces can change color while retaining accurate illumination variation.

What we are looking for

We would like to demonstrate to game developers and artists the ways in which Lightbrush can improve productivity and enhance creativity.


  • Game Media
  • Other (Please Specify) Image Editing

Main Contact

Nathalie Marchand

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