Many software and gaming companies are unaware that the government offers numerous incentives. alliantgroup's software and gaming experts can help you claim the credits that you deserve so you can add to your bottom line!

Examples of work done by software and gaming companies that qualify include:

• Development of software code for games
• Designing new games and gaming content
• Development of game engines
• Testing prototype builds of new game designs
• And much more!

alliantgroup is the nation's premier provider of specialty tax consulting services. We help businesses achieve tax savings by taking advantage of the over 7,000 federal, state, local tax incentives available to small and medium size businesses.

Tax Incentives for the Gaming and Software Industry

What we offer

The federal government and many states offer lucrative tax credits intended to put money back into your gaming/software company. Many businesses in the technology industry qualify based on activities performed every day. One of the largest credits available to software developers – and one that is often overlooked – is the Research and Development Tax Credit.
We are currently seeing tax incentives vastly underutilized by software companies; and alliantgroup is here to help. As the nation’s largest specialty tax firm, we’ve secured over $2.5 billion in credits, incentives, and deductions for our clients. With more than 300 tax, legal, and software professionals on staff, we’ve completed more than 10,000 tax studies.
alliantgroup's Software Specialization Group employs individuals who have educational backgrounds and hands-on analytical and developmental experience within the scientific disciplines of computer science, computer engineering, management information systems, computer information systems, and information technology. Our specialists offer the expertise needed to find and take advantage of all the available incentives that will maximize your benefit and help grow your company.
Want to find out more about the R&D tax credit and what you do that qualifies for it? Set an appointment today to lean how you can qualify for these government sponsored incentives!

What we are looking for

alliantgroup has helped many software and gaming companies claim credits that put money back into their businesses to help them hire additional employees, competitively price jobs, and expand their business. For example we assisted a software company with revenue of 13M claim over $320,000 in R&D tax credits. If your company creates games or software, talk with alliantgroup today to lean how we can help add to your bottom line!


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