Facial mocap and retargeting

DynamiXYZ offers fully fledged solutions for facial mocap and retargeting to CG characters.

Our award winning technology (2011 IEEE international Face and Gesture Recognition; 2012 SSPNET AVEC) has been adopted by Game, Animation and Cinema customers worldwide.

Performer - our award winning facial mocap and animation solution

What we offer

Performer is the award winning markerless solution for facial mocap, retargeting and animation.

- Winner of the 2011 IEEE international Face and Gesture Recognition Analysis challenge
- Winner of the 2012 SSPNET AVEC challenge

Whether you are looking for live CG character facial animation, or high quality facial animation production, Performer is the solution you are looking for.

Easy to integrate in your live animation pipeline or in your Game, Animation and Cinema production pipeline, Performer is also the solution of choice for previs and actor training.

Our clients have discovered that innovation not only comes from our technology, but also from Dynamixyz' commitment to supporting your business.

Come visit us and give it a try for yourself, or just take a look at some stunning demos.

What we are looking for

Because Performer is so easy to use and so agile to adapt to your work process, technical pipeline or project size, we are committed to deliver the most productive solution for game developers, animators, mocap studios and previs teams.

DynamiXYZ is looking for clients who have a passion for their art, and are focused on achievements.


  • Middleware, Tools
  • Other (Please Specify) Facial mocap and animation

Main Contact

Pascal Langlois

Patrice Silvant

Gaspard Breton

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