4D games, augmented reality, motion capture

Intellect Motion converts PC games into hard-core physical and augmented reality experience. Our motion capture technology features the highest accuracy and lowest response time, compatible with PC and SMART TV platforms, uses standard webcam. Gamer can play his favorite shooter at 40+ FPS physically at home or in arcade environment.

Turn Gameplay Into Hardcore Exercise

What we offer

Our background research in neurophysiology, physiotherapy and coordination exercises has led us to the unique position to disrupt the gaming market with a new concept – 4D gaming.

Last decade saw dramatic increase in children’s psychological, neurological and orthopedic diseases largely because they spend more time at their computer than playing outdoors. However, we believe that children and teenagers should have the freedom to play PC games they like with gaming technologies adapting to their needs.

Our medical expertise coupled with the highest accuracy and the lowest response time achieved by our motion capture team allowed us to introduce a series of products that will help children discover a new physical play for their favorite PC games in home and arcade environment.

What we are looking for

We are looking for early adopters for our motion control gadgets in the Smart TV market. Ideal partners would be action game developers with their own PC shooter labels ready to localize their game on Smart TV.

Motion control technology we developed is 10x faster and 40x more accurate than Kinect. It uses the standard of the shelf web camera. Technology is fully compatible with any PC shooter game using keyboard and mouse.

Virtual reality projects that can amend their users' experience to make it more physical and hard-core via IM's Game Cube. It brings back virtual events into physical reality (if you get shot in the game, you will be pulled back in the specially designed harness). Game Cube uses IM's appropriated motion control and ideally fits arcade or office setting.


  • Console Game Market
  • Middleware, Tools
  • PC/Mac Downloadable Market

Main Contact

Alex Khromenkov

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