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Hyper Games is an independent game studio based in Oslo Norway. We are currently working on two titles: "Mogul" – a groundbreaking online game about the stock market, and a children's game for touch devices, based on the popular scandinavian character, Alfie Atkins (Alfons Åberg).

Mogul - A game about money and power

What we offer

Mogul is a groundbreaking online game about the stock market where you hold the power to control the world's finances. Create, manage and own companies in global markets, and work your way up from the gutter to the stars!

Survive in a world continuously shaped by players' actions and where the stock markets' rise or fall lies in the choices made by you and your co-players.

Team up with friends and build your empires together, or crush each other in the race for money and power. Succeed in your ventures to control the world's markets and you may become the biggest Mogul!

What we are looking for

We want to meet publishers and financiers interested in hearing more about Mogul. We also want to build relations with publishers and partners for future projects.


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Main Contact

Are Sundnes

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