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WE WANT TO KNOW is a French-Norwegian startup company who aims to deliver the next generation of learning games, while paving the way for a new digital pedagogy.

Our first game "DragonBox" has been won awards across the world as the most innovating serious game.

Upon launch in Norway, it became the most sold app in any category in Apple App Store.

Most of today’s educational games simply translate traditional text-based learning methods to a digital environment. Like the books and other traditional teaching methods from which they are derived, they simply do not deliver that added dimension of interaction-based discovery that is critical for true learning.

In contrast, WE WANT TO KNOW strives to leverage the amazing capabilities unlocked by digital platforms to transform the learning process into something engaging, interactive and fun. The real challenge when it comes to designing good learning games is letting players think and discover by themselves, through the very act of playing the game. This is our “secret sauce” and it is mixed into everything we make.

DragonBox - The Algebra game that beat AngryBirds

What we offer

We are making game based learning tools.

Our first game is DragonBox which is teaching algebra in a totally new way.

We offer kids the ability to learn algebra in a new and most efficient way.

Our game is offered directly to kids (very often through parents) and to schoolsl

What we are looking for

We are looking for distributors for our games and we are looking schools/customers that would like to buy it


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Main Contact

Jerome Lacoste

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