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TechExcel is a leading provider of collaborative issue management software for various disciplines including software development and IT service. TechExcel's products include a powerful yet easy to use defect and project tracking solution. TechExcel DevSuite is ideally suited to plan development projects, coordinate teams, track work items and their associated milestones, empower QA professionals, and deliver crucial games to production on time.

The Complete Game Development Solution

What we offer

TechExcel DevTrack empowers development leads, developers, artists, and testers to work together in delivering content according to the plan designed by production. With DevTrack's intuitive functionalities, issues can pass between various teams and departments automatically, helping to eliminate human errors. Core technologies and art assets can be developed independently of actual title development, while still being tracked by those projects that rely on them. Bottlenecks can be prevented and parallel development streams now become possible. All of this takes place through definable processes that not only focus on status of an issue, but the possible actions that a user can take.

TechExcel DevTest enables QA teams to quickly and accurately cover vast testing areas. Its fully-configurable UI elements expose the data needed for teams to work together to meet critical delivery milestones. Its advanced integration with TechExcel DevTrack makes sure that critical issues are assigned to production and development teams, giving peace of mind that a title can ship by the expected milestones.


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