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Founded in 2007, after successfully participating in the European Space Agency Business incubation initiative, iOpener’s target applications include games, training, broadcast, new media, sponsorship activation and visualization.
iOpener has recently acquired xaitment, a leading provider of AI middleware for Game Development that creates and sells artificial intelligence (AI) software to video game and simulation developers.

xaitMap + xaitControl

What we offer

xaitMap 3.0 is xaitment's AI software module for pathfinding and movement in games and simulations. Combining runtime libraries with intuitive graphical tools, xaitMap gives you everything you need to quickly and efficiently create realistic bot movements.
The xaitMap AI SDK provides you with unrivaled fast and robust navigation mesh generation, intelligent pathfinding and a fully integrated, fully customizable movement core.

If you want to take your game characters beyond pathfinding and movement, then you'll want to consider xaitment's AI software package for game logic and character behavioral modeling: xaitControl.
The new AI SDK gives you runtime libraries and graphical tools to model advanced AI character behaviors with a probabalistic, hierarchical finite state machine. It also includes a graphical, real-time debugger.


  • Console Game Market
  • Middleware, Game Engines
  • Middleware, Tools

Main Contact

Mike Walsh

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