Facial Motion Capture products

Faceware Technologies, the industry leader in facial motion capture hardware and software, spun out from Image Metrics in 2011 to offer an artist-friendly approach to facial mocap- consisting of Faceware Analyzer (Tracking), Faceware Retargeter (Solving), and the Faceware Head Mounted Camera system. For more information check out www.facewaretech.com.

Faceware Facial Motion Capture Product Line

What we offer

Faceware Analyzer Software
• Markerless video tracking software- use any video source

Faceware Retargeter Software
• Plug-in to Maya, 3DS Max, Motion Builder or Softimage
• Artists’ creatively interpret actors’ performance to any digital character.
• Sets fcurves on any keyable attribute
• Use any facial rig--no need for specialized assets.
• Leverage shared pose libraries for consistency
• Utilize a complete post-processing toolset for curve refinement.

.Head Mounted Camera System
• Standardized video signal
• Shoots crystal-clear animation reference
• Option for wireless video capture (up to 8 actors)

Check out the ground-breaking launch of Retargeter 4.0 at GDC and visit our website for a free download of full versions of the software—www.facewaretech.com

What we are looking for

Our products cater to anyone requiring facial motion capture or character animation. Our experience on 50 AAA titles, range from Rockstar, SCEA, Ubisoft, EA, Activision, and Square Enix to independent Ipad developers.

Utilize the same software trusted to major franchises as Grand Theft Auto, God of War, Assassins Creed, Crysis, Halo, Red Dead Redemption, and NBA 2K.

New users should expect results in the first day, production ready in a week. With the Faceware Product Line, studios can work up to 3-10 times faster than handkey frame animation, have full control to polish and change a performance unlike surface-based capture, and higher quality and eyetracking unlike optical capture


  • Console Game Market
  • Game Academia
  • Game Outsourcing
  • Tablet Game Market
  • Web-based MMO Market

Main Contact

Peter Busch

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