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Bring your next game to life with one-stop-shop music licensing from Killer Tracks! Based in Los Angeles, CA for more than 20 years, industry leading professionals have trusted Killer Tracks to be their premier music content destination.

Music Licensing Company

What we offer

Killer Tracks delivers exclusive production music from a variety of GRAMMY® Award-winning producers and composers who have worked with such artists as Michael Jackson, Miley Cyrus, Prince, Joss Stone and many more! Killer Tracks also works with leading industry video game composers including Bill Brown (Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon), Lennie Moore (Outcast and Dragoshard), and Alex Kharlamov (War of the Ring and Batman Begins). Other leading composers in our catalog include the iconic Ennio Morricone and founding member of Public Enemy, Chuck D.!

What we are looking for

Gaming and media development professionals that are looking for music and sound for their various projects.


  • Game Media
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Main Contact

Michael Clemenza

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