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AppTurbo is a french start-up helping companies to promote their mobile applications. AppTurbo is the best way to have your app discovered by million of users and hit the top general ranking on the AppStore. AppTurbo consists in promoting a free application every day to its 13M-user community over 30 countries.

Head of Business development

What we offer

With our application "App of the Day", we push the applications in the AppStore top ranking. Our concept "App of the Day" consists in promoting once a day a new application to our users.
So far we have more than 13 M users in different countries (Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia Mexico, Canada, Brasil, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Danemark and many others)
All the applications we have promoted immediately climbed on the N 1 on the AppStore.
Our application "App of the day" is very well-rated (4,5 stars) and the apps we promote hit usually the top ranking in each country store.

What we are looking for

We are looking for Mobile App Developers and Studios to contact us regarding Mobile Monetization and User Acquisition Campaign


  • Game Marketing/PR

Main Contact

Giosuè Guastaferro

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