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Megapop is a casual game developer based out of Oslo, Norway, and the company was founded by some of the most experienced online game developers in Europe. The focus of Megapop is to create great casual game experiences for players of all ages, on multiple gaming platforms, with strong multiplayer components.

Trolls vs Vikings

What we offer

Trolls vs Vikings is a brand new tower defense game for players of all ages. Players defend a tribe of grumpy (but peaceful) Trolls from raids by Vikings intent on stealing their gold. The game is based on the proven and beloved tower / lane defense genre, while crafting a world of rich Norse mythology and a colorful cast of entertaining and edgy characters.

While sharing some similarities with a certain Plants-based game, Trolls vs Vikings takes a different approach to story, characters, levels, gameplay, tactics, player interaction and boss fights. It also involves a fully-fledged social dimension, including a multiplayer campaign, live and asynchronous online modes as well as social sharing and comparing tools.

What we are looking for

We are looking for press, partners and publishers


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Main Contact

Jorgen Tharaldsen

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