StreamPix digital video recording software

StreamPix 5 software for video referencing, facial mocap and head mounted camera facial capture. Capture from multiple synchronized cameras with LTC time code and audio. Video can then be used for referencing facial capture and on stage performance over time. Each individual image is time stamped and synchronized with audio. Fully compatible with Vicon Blade mocap software.

StreamPix 5 multi camera recording

What we offer

NorPix's area of expertise is high speed video recording with LTC time code and audio.

NorPix offers high speed video recording software and solutions.

StreamPix be used for facial capture, head mounted facial capture and video referencing.

With StreamPix there is no frame drop, it is easy to use, easy to set up, supports a wide variety of cameras, is flexible and cost effective.

What we are looking for

NorPix is looking for managers of mocap studios.


  • Other (Please Specify) Mocap, video referencing, facial mocap, body capture

Main Contact

Luc Nocente

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