Audio Post Production & Sound Design

Savalas is an award winning sound company specialising in high end cinematic soundtracks for video games. Recent credits include Halo4 Infinity by Axis Animation/343 Industries (Microsoft), Spiderman (Activision), Resident Evil (Capcom), Darksiders2 trailer series (THQ), Risen2 and the award winning Dead Island Announcement Trailer (Deep Silver).

Scottish Service Provider (Audio Post Production & Sound Design)

What we offer

Savalas is a world class audio post production company with credits on some of the biggest AAA console video games in the market. Currently working on a CG series for Spartan Ops Multiplayer Series for Halo4 by Axis Animation/343 Industries (Microsoft). Other recent credits include The Amazing Spiderman (Activision), Resident Evil (Capcom), Risen2 and the award winning Dead Island Announcement Trailer (Deep Silver) and Darksiders2 trailer series (THQ).

Savalas has built an award winning reputation for exemplary soundtracks for game cinematics and as seasoned international suppliers are used to working across time zones in multiple formats. Savalas is a dedicated and passionate team of sound designers, sound editors, mixers and composers based in high end facilities including full featured Mix, ADR and Foley studio’s as well as having one of only a handful of Premier standard licensed theatres in the UK.

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Come and speak to the team on the Scottish Pavilion. We're in the Expo Hall, Booth #1134.


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Giles Lamb

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