International Customer Support, Community & Social Media Management, Localization, Consulting

Pioneers & Leaders for over evelen years, we have been the premier international provider of services for companies that publish and develop MMOs, virtual worlds, social games, casual games, mobile games and transmedia content. We also provide services to online payment and virtual goods providers. Our services range from localization to customer support, community & social media management, game mastering, risk management and new gaming experiences.

Our services are offered in nearly 40 languages, covering North and South America, West and East Europe, and South East Asia.

Alchemic Dream Services

What we offer

Alchemic Dream is a service provider and partner in the online gaming industry. We work closely with game developers and publishers by offering cost-effective and flexible solutions for international:

- Customer Support (email, live chat, in-game, phone, self-help)
- Community & Social Media Management
- Localization
- Quality Assurance
- Game Mastering
- Consulting

We currently cover nearly 40 languages worldwide up to 24/7/365 !

What we are looking for

We are looking for small to big size studios or publishing companies to assist to internationalize your products, and to manage and support your communities and players.

Our goal is to help you expand your games globally with low risk and no long term obligation.


  • Downloadable Game Market (XBLA, PSN, WiiWare)
  • PC/Mac Downloadable Market
  • Smartphone Game Market
  • Social Network Game Market
  • Tablet Game Market
  • Web Browser Game Market
  • Web-based MMO Market
  • Other (Please Specify) virtual worlds

Main Contact

Karina Kaplun

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