interactive out-of-home gaming for groups

Alterface develops, markets and implements interactive entertainment solutions intended for non-domestic use. Alterface is a key interlocutor for its many customers, which are theme parks and family entertainment centers located everywhere in the world. We design amusing attractions based on media contents which children, teenagers and adults can benefit together.

Interactive Dark Rides technology for Out-Of-Home group gaming

What we offer

Our Interactive Dark Rides technology for Out-Of-Home group gaming, brings YOUR game to a life size experience.
Nowadays, Dark Rides are a must have attraction for any operator and this market is huge! We are you gateway to this new world. The players will ride through the scenery of your game : Special effects, ride simulation, stereoscopic images and interactivity will immerse the players in a totally new gaming experience.

Leader on media based attractions for Attractions Parks around the world for over a decade, we have developed major Interactive Dark Ride and Interactive Cinemas for Lego Discovery Centers, Phantasialand, Mirabilandia, Rainbow Magic Land, Lotte World, Futuroscope and many more are in production for confidential high profile customers.

What we are looking for

We are looking for studios and partners, who would be interested to bring their games to another market and public


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